Sunday, May 28, 2006

Entry submitted

I have now submitted my photos to the glorified sock-puppet competition. Now we just wait and see what happens ;)
When the competition is settled i will post some pics of the puppet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Entering the contest

So this is my first post for my newly created blog. Who am i? I am Anders, just a regular guy from sweden who likes to build puppets. I started out a few years ago. I have always been a fan of the muppets, and always wanted my own setup of the muppet-puppets. Realizing that would never come true i decided to learn how to start building my own. So here i am now, still learning. I think you can never stop learning no matter how good you get at what you are doing.
Anyway, i noticed this contest being held at the projectpuppet site. So i thought i'd enter just for the fun of it. I am working on a simple puppet at the moment, but because the competition is not finished yet i can't publish any pictures right now. I have created the head and body and connected them to eachother. Tomorrow i will add the arms and begin working on charachter features. I will ofcourse add pics ones the contest has ended.