Sunday, September 10, 2006 is at it again

This has probably not gone by unnoticed in the puppetry community online, but i'll add it anyway. has a new pattern out in their simple series. It's the roly pattern, which is a round head-pattern. It comes with outer skin-pattern and a foambase pattern.

This is great news for people just starting out building puppets. These puppets go together really quick, providing you have the skills of sewing, glueing etc etc.
I wish these guys were around when i first started to learn how to build puppets.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New puppet in the making

Well, the summer is over, and a new season is upon us. So i thought i'd start the new season with making a new puppet. It will be a green friendly monster when finished. I started out building the head this morning and finished in 5 hours. The only thing missing is inserting the mouthplates and a neck. That i will do tomorrow. Next week i will make a body.

The Gobo Fraggle-puppet i mentioned earlier will also be done soon (i hope). But for now i really want to get some original charachters done.
Well, i'll post some more when i got more to update.