Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gobo Fraggle 1st Try

I decided to try and build a replica of Gobo Fraggle. I started with this rough trial-and-error-head. It's just for me to see if it works out. Some minor adjustments might be needed, especially in the moutplate. Also, the foam i used is slightly too weak. It's the first foam i ever bought about 4 years ago. it's just regular upholstry-foam 1cm thickness. I am going to order some reticulated foam in a month or two and try to build gobo out of that instead.
He will also be a bit larger than i designed this head. Here are some pics:

I also did a little experiment in photoshop to visualize it better:

I'll dye some antronfleece in the next week or 2 and start off with fleece covering.